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Along with the joy of the summer is the sweltering heat—and without a functional air conditioning system in your home, you expect to be drenched in sweat and discomfort.  .

But worry no more! If you need a reliable and top-notch A/C installation service for your residential or commercial space, we’re here to help you with the job. At Riddle Heating & Air Inc., we provide the best quality A/C installation in Oxford, MS. We guarantee uninterrupted comfort for your home all year long.

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Things to Consider Before an A/C Installation Project


Staying indoors during the hot summer months can be tormenting, especially without a functional air conditioning system. For every household in Oxford, MS, having a well-functioning cooling system is a must both for health and comfort.

If your existing A/C unit isn’t working as it should, you may have to consider a new A/C installation. But before getting started with the project, be sure to think about these factors:

Size of the Unit/Room


Does size matter? Definitely! The size of air conditioning system you install should match your space and your cooling needs. Many homeowners rely on their own will when choosing an A/C unit, resulting in more errors in the long run.

The air conditioning system you’ll choose should neither small or big—it should be the right size, so it’ll produce the cooling output you expect. The size of air conditioner determines how cool your room can be.

 their person within the capacity for moving a lot in realization is defending the freedom as A lot of homeowners encounter this type of problem. Always consider the size of the room when planning on having an aircon installation. Ideally, the aircon unit should be big enough to cool a spacious room. The room’s size will play a significant role in how efficiently an air conditioner will cool the room. An undersized cooling unit will not work correctly because of the outside heat.

For best results, we advise you call your top-rated A/C installation in Oxford, MS to pick the right size of air conditioning system for your home.

Cooling Capacity


In relation to the unit’s size, the cooling capacity will determine the unit’s capability to cool a room. One primary way to identify a unit’s cooling capacity is through the British Thermal Unit (BTU). To get the BTU of a cooling unit, you’ll need to multiply the square root of a room by 35.

But of course, to make things easier, you can always call our expert technicians at Riddle Heating & Air, Inc. 

Energy Efficiency


While the size is essential, it’s also equally important that you pick a unit that’s energy efficient. How will you determine an energy-efficient air conditioner? You simply have to check the EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio). It shows how much BTU the unit uses for each watt of power. To cut it short, the higher EER, the more efficient your unit will be.

Talk to us to ensure that you get the best quality and energy-efficient air conditioner in Oxford, MS and the surrounding communities.

Electrical Requirements


Lastly, do check if your home’s electrical system matches the unit’s volt circuit. If it does not fit, maybe it would not hurt to call a professional to handle such a thing. It may be a bit tricky, and calling for help may also be your best option. Call us now!

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