Complete A/C Maintenance in Oxford, MS

HVAC work in winter

Summer should be fun and relaxing. However, if your air conditioner is out, it means high humidity levels and extreme heat indoors. By prioritizing regular A/C maintenance in Oxford, MS, you can secure an air conditioning system that’s working efficiently 24/7 to keep you cool.


Why Regular A/C Maintenance Should be a Priority

If your air conditioner has stopped working or is inefficient, this leads to more than just discomfort. Not keeping up with maintenance schedules will result in suffering from expensive repairs and replacements.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should always prioritize A/C maintenance:

· Extends Shelf Life. Your air conditioner has a life expectancy rate, too, just like humans do. However, you can always prolong the life of your air conditioner and not have to do unnecessary repairs and replacement simply by keeping up with its regular maintenance.

· Reduces Stress on Engines. With regular maintenance in place, you keep your air conditioner sharp and energized to keep up with your cooling requirements. When your air conditioners are properly cleaned and well-maintained, you also get to reduce the stress on the motors, increasing their cooling capacity.

· Conserves Energy. When you are always up-to-date with maintenance checks and tune-ups, you would expect your air conditioner is working optimally. When your cooling coils, air filters, and blades are correctly cleaned, you get to maximize energy efficiency while also saving you more money on energy bills.

If you need expert help on this, then call on A/C maintenance in Oxford, MS.

· Gives You Peace of Mind. Indoor air quality is paramount not just to maintain a calm and relaxing temperature at home but also to ensure your family members’ health. You spend most of your time at home, and to stay comfortable even in hot weather, you need to have an air conditioning system that works like clockwork.

When your air conditioning unit lacks maintenance, the dirt will clog the air filter and drainage, which is dangerous because it also allows harmful air allergens or pathogens to pass through, which can exacerbate allergies or respiratory ailments.


Other Benefits Include:

· Increased reliability and dependability of your air conditioner

· Maximized efficiency of your A/C

· Keep operations safe and healthy

· Discovers problems and solves them right away

· Eco-friendly or helps protect the environment


What A/C Maintenance Looks Like

Air conditioner tune-ups would include different checkpoints such as the following:

· Coolant replacement

· Ductwork cleaning

· Inspection of condensate drain, controls, and other components

· Lubrication of all moving parts

· Monitoring of coolant

· Checking of thermostat


Following your scheduled routine maintenance of A/C systems might be a lot of work, especially if you have a busy schedule. However, if you think of the long-term benefits or gains of A/C tune-ups, you will know that it helps you save on costs while making your life better in the long run. This provides you a win-win setup because you also extend the service life of your air conditioning system.

If you need help with your air conditioning system’s expert maintenance, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 662-534-9611 or online at Riddle Heating & Air, Inc. We provide top-of-the-line A/C care in Oxford, MS, and nearby areas.