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No one wants to deal with a malfunctioning air conditioning system when the temperature becomes unbearable and too uncomfortable. So, who do you call?

If you’re having trouble with your cooling equipment in Ecru, MS, you can rely on Riddle Heating & Air Conditioning. With our top-notch service technicians, we’ll get your system running again in the best condition.

How to Know if Your A/C Needs Repair

We know how the summer season can be harsh, especially without an unreliable cooling system. It’s advisable to arrange your yearly tune-up now to spare yourself and your family the agony of summer without air conditioning.

Here are some of the telltale indications that it’s time to have your air conditioner fixed:

Air Flow Issues

Have you turned on your air conditioner and noticed that it isn’t as powerful as it was last summer? This may be indicating a problem with your air conditioner. An easy remedy for poor air flow is to replace your air filter. Or a more substantial remedy, such as replacing or fixing the system’s fan.

In any case, if you have inadequate air flow, you should contact an HVAC expert. They can identify the issue and recommend the best course of action.

A Sudden Increase in the Electricity Bill

If your energy costs suddenly increase, this is one of the most apparent indications that it’s time to fix your A/C. Because HVAC accounts for almost half of your costs, it makes a difference when they go up.

If your air conditioning system is inefficient, it may result in a significant difference in your energy costs. Make sure to schedule frequent tune-ups for your HVAC system to maintain its optimum condition.

Warm Air

If you feel warm air flowing from your vents while the air conditioner is turned on, the first thing you should do is check the thermostat. This is a major issue if the thermostat is set to “cool,” yet you still feel the warm.

Warm air may indicate that your system’s compressor has failed or that your system is overworked and unable to cool down.

Unusual Sounds

When you initially switch on your air conditioner, you can anticipate and even expect some minor noises. However, if you hear anything odd, you should have it checked.

Grinding may indicate that metal components are damaged and grinding against each other. Screeching may suggest a loose belt, while pounding could indicate a motor or fan issue. If you hear any of these noises from your air conditioner, it’s time to have it fixed.

Strange Smell

Does your system produce a weird odor? It may be your air conditioner. Frayed wiring or microbial development in the unit or ducts may cause strong odors. None of them are good in any case. Make an appointment with your HVAC expert if you notice a peculiar odor.

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Don’t hire amateur technicians for the job. Otherwise, you’re risking a lot of things for your air conditioner and your family’s comfort. Let Riddle Heating & Air Conditioning handle your cooling system repair needs. Our service technicians will guarantee that your system will be back in shape to provide cooling comfort in Ecru, MS, and the surrounding areas.

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