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Quality Heater Installation In Oxford, MS & the Nearby Areas

Who wouldn’t want a comfortable and cozy place to come home to? We know you do.

That is why at Riddle Heating and Air Conditioning, we guarantee excellent heater installation services that maximize your comfort and keep you away from frequent heating repairs.

We also extend your equipment’s shelf life so you could reduce your energy or fuel bills and give you peace of mind.

Now, isn’t that comfy? Our qualified contractors make all these possible with quality heater installation in Oxford, MS. Call us now!


Why Professional Service Matters?

It is tempting to settle on amateur service for a more budget-friendly heating system installation. But the truth about this is that you will end up spending far more costly repairs in the future for a service that isn’t done at par with standards. If you want to have quality installation, then your safest bet is to call professionals like us.

Here’s why hiring the professionals is essential for all your heater installation needs:


Guaranteed Quality Results

Top-notch service is the foremost benefit of working with professional technicians. They are as crucial as buying excellent quality equipment for your home or business. These professionals are certified in what they do and can guarantee to deliver the results you need.

Tip: Check if your HVAC contractors are NATE-certified like us. North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is one of the largest non-profit organizations in the United States that certify technicians with practical knowledge and application in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry.

Such certification allows you to confidently turn to your technicians to conduct proper analysis and calculation to acquire the right unit for your space. It also helps keep you at peace from getting system troubles in the future.


Safety as Another Top Priority

Professionals are highly knowledgeable on carrying out diverse system installations safely.  As such, expert technicians guarantee your system is free of leaks from a natural gas furnace or a heat pump air handler that is well-attached to the wall. They double-check everything to ensure that your system is running smoothly and safely before they leave.


All Legalities Are in Check

Professionals have licenses and training to keep your troubles over a new heater installation at bay. We can’t stress enough how crucial this is, especially for installing a natural gas furnace. Having the pro install your heating system ensures that your new equipment is safe and worry-free.


Promos and Discounts

A professional team such as ours will not only help you with your heating installation, but we also offer the best price with our promotions, discount, and rebates. That’s a great price and excellent service in one package.


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