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We spend a lot of time in our homes during the heating season, making it vital to keep them at perfect temperatures. One way to do that is to ensure your heating system is appropriately working.

That’s why it’s crucial to have an HVAC company you can always call. At Riddle Heating & Air, our experts are ready to provide 24/7 heater repair in Blue Mountain, MS. So don’t hesitate to reach us when you need a hand.

6 Warning Signs Your Heating System Needs Repair


It is hard to know if your heating system needs repairs without an expert checking it out. But there are warning signs that you can watch for such as the following:

1. It produces an unpleasant smell.

Odd smells are often the first sign of a problem with your heating system. Your unit should never produce an unpleasant smell, usually caused by musty mold or mildew growth inside the air ducts.

If you notice this type of smell coming from vents in your home when the heat is on, it’s time to get expert help right away.

2. It’s loud!

Properly working HVAC systems don’t produce much noise. If you notice your unit making loud noises or strange sounds, it could be a sign that something has gone wrong with the motor or bearings inside the compressor.

3. Your unit is leaking.

If you notice your heating system has started to leak, it may be time for repairs. Leaking could also happen due to other issues like a blocked drain line, so immediately call a pro for precise assessment.

4. It cycles on and off more often!

If your heating unit seems to turn on and off frequently, this may be a sign that something has gone wrong with the internal parts which are controlling when it operates.

If you’re experiencing issues like this, contact an expert for service immediately before more significant problems arise soon.

5. It’s inefficient!

If your system isn’t producing enough heat, this could signify a need for repairs. It could also mean that there are air leaks throughout the building, which will cause you to lose more money in energy costs over time if not taken care of immediately.

6. The system isn’t heating like it used to.

If your unit is producing less heat than usual, this could indicate that the refrigerant levels are low, which means there may be leaks in the lines and ducts of your building where the air is escaping instead of getting circulated.

It could also suggest that the internal components of your heating system aren’t working properly. Either way, it’s best to have a professional assess and fix any issues before they get worse or you end up with bigger problems down the road.

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