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The heat pump is one of the most efficient and effective heating systems available in the market today. However, when it breaks down, it can be such a hassle in your comfort.

The good news is that some early warning signs will allow you to apprehend the issues before they become more serious.

In times of trouble, you can always contact Riddle Heating & Air. We provide prompt heater repair in Myrtle, MS, to keep you warm and cozy throughout the winter.

6 Early Warning Signs Your Heat Pump is Failing


Have you noticed that your heat pump is not heating the house as much? If so, it might be time to get a heat pump repair. Some warning signs indicate when it may be time for heat pump repairs. Here are the following:

1. The heat pump is making loud noises.

The heat pump might need repairs if it is making a lot of noise. It may just need to have the fan or compressor replaced, but this cannot be determined for sure without a professional diagnosis.

If you hear other sounds, such as hissing, rattling, squeaking, and banging sounds, be sure to let a professional assess your unit, as this could lead to a severe problem.

2. The heat pump is not turning on.

If you have had some power outages recently and your heat pump has been acting up after these outages, there might be an electrical issue with the unit. It could also mean that the heat pump does not have enough power to heat the house as it should.

3. The heat pump is leaking.

If you notice that there are puddles of liquid coming from the unit and all around where your heat pumps are located in your house, this could indicate a heat pump maintenance issue.

If you notice any leaking, immediately contact an electrician for help, as this issue will only worsen over time.

4. The heat pump smells.

If the heat pump has a burning, musty or mold-like smell, it could be because it is not receiving enough air. If you notice black soot marks on your walls and ceiling around where the heat pump is located in the house, then this may also indicate a heat pump maintenance issue.

5. The heat pump provides poor heating.

If your heat pump provides less heat than it used to, it is clear that the heat pump needs repairs. Also, your unit may need repair if there are clogs in lines or valves due to constant use over time.

Immediately contact your trusted heating specialists to assess the situation properly and to keep your comfort back.

6. The heat pump is inefficient.

If heat pumps are not running at the top of their efficiency, this can lead to higher heating bills and accelerated wear and tear. It may also be because your heat pump is set improperly concerning other environmental factors such as air temperature and humidity levels.

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