Comprehensive Heater Maintenance in Myrtle, MS

Wintertime in Mississippi means chilly weather that can go from one extreme to the next. Your home’s heating system needs to handle the changing temperatures, and that’s where our comprehensive heater maintenance Myrtle, MS comes in.


Several things can affect your unit’s performance, from dirty filters and low coolant levels to faulty electrical components. Besides making your home uncomfortable, a malfunctioning heating system can pose safety risks. Our HVAC technicians will inspect and tune up your unit to prolong its lifespan and keep your family safe.

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Is Fall the Best Time for Heating Maintenance Service?

Although you can schedule heater maintenance Myrtle, MS at any time, fall is the best season to do it. Here’s why:

  • Avoid the rush.

During the peak of winter, everyone is trying to schedule heating maintenance and repairs. You may have to wait for days or weeks before someone is available to service your unit. By scheduling a maintenance visit in the fall, you can avoid the rush and get ahead of any potential problems.

  • Get it done before you need it.

One of the biggest advantages of fall heater maintenance is that it allows you to get the service done before you need it. When winter comes knocking at your door, you can be sure that your heater is running smoothly and efficiently. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about your system breaking down in the middle of a cold snap?

  • Take advantage of seasonal discounts.

If you’re up for some bargaining, you may be able to get fall discounts on heater maintenance Myrtle, MS services. Many companies offer these deals to encourage homeowners to schedule service before the busy winter season.

  • Prepare for bad weather.

As with other states, Mississippi is no stranger to extreme weather conditions. Hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes are just some natural disasters that can damage your home and disrupt your life. Maintaining your heater in the fall means you’re one step ahead if bad weather comes your way.

  • Get a head start on holiday preparations.

The holidays are a busy time for everyone. No one wants to deal with the stress of last-minute preparations, so getting a head start on all your holiday chores is best. Having your heater maintenance out of the way will give you one less thing to worry about as the holidays approach.

What to Expect from Our HVAC Maintenance Visit

Riddle Heating and Air’s comprehensive heater maintenance Myrtle, MS services include a thorough inspection of your entire unit. Our technicians will check the following:

  • Filters for dirt and debris
  • Thermostat for accuracy
  • Electrical connections for corrosion and loose wiring
  • Ductwork for leaks and blockages
  • Blower motor for wear and tear
  • Burners for soot buildup
  • Heat exchanger for cracks
  • Vents, registers, and flue pipes for blockages
  • Coolant levels to ensure proper operation
  • Carbon monoxide levels for safety

After the inspection, our technicians will clean all the dirty parts and make the necessary adjustments. We will also test your heating unit to ensure it is working accurately and within the manufacturer’s specifications. You can expect nothing but the best from our team of highly-trained and experienced HVAC technicians.

Is Your Heater Ready for Winter? Book a Heating Maintenance Service Today!

Dealing with a broken heater is never fun, especially during the cold winter months. To avoid the hassle and expense of repairs, schedule a heater maintenance Myrtle, MS as early as now.


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