Heating Experts in Blue Springs, MS Reveal the Best Time to Replace a Furnace

Furnace Not Working? 6 Signs it Needs Replacement

Replacing an old furnace is a big decision. You don’t want to do it too soon, but you also don’t want to wait until it’s an emergency. Just the thought of going through the process of heater installation in Blue Springs, MS can be overwhelming.

How do you know when it’s time to add a new furnace? The professionals at Riddle Heating & Air explain 7 common signs that a replacement should be considered:

1. Your energy bills are going up even though you’re not using your furnace any more or less than usual. 

Dealing with rising energy bills is common in the winter unless you have a new high-efficiency furnace. Older models can use significantly more energy, which means your bills will be much higher. If you’re noticing a sudden jump, it’s likely an indication that your current unit is on the way out.

2. You notice that your furnace is producing unusual noises. 

Are the constant rattling, squeaking, or banging getting unbearable? Your furnace might be on the verge of breaking down completely! Don’t just put up with these sounds—have it inspected by a professional HVAC technician as soon as possible.

3. Your home isn’t as comfortable as it used to be—it feels drafty, or some rooms are too hot while others are too cold. 

This is an obvious sign that your system is not running as efficiently as before. Maybe the air intake has become blocked, or a larger problem is causing the inconsistency. Whatever the case, it’s likely time to get an upgrade. 

4. The pilot light is yellow instead of blue. 

A healthy pilot light will be a bright blue color, not the yellowish color it may take as a sign of burning gas. It is recommended to replace your furnace with a new one if this is the case. Otherwise, it will use more energy and won’t be as effective, which can also lead to heat loss in the home.

5. You have an older furnace (15 years or older). 

The older your unit is, the more likely it will need replacement. Furnaces are generally made to last 10 to 15 years. While some can withstand wear and tear longer, others may need to be replaced after just a few years. If you’re running into frequent problems or find that your energy bills are steadily going up, consider investing in a new product. 

6. The metal surfaces on your unit are rusted. 

As your furnace ages, rust can form on the metal surfaces. A simple rust issue isn’t usually that big of a deal. But if there are large areas of rust or other major problems, a quick visit from an HVAC technician can help you determine whether a replacement is necessary.

Remember that these signs alone aren’t enough to confirm whether a heater installation near me in Blue Springs, MS is needed. If you are unsure of your current unit’s age or condition, consult our experts for more information. You may be able to get by with a simple repair or cleaning instead of a replacement, but it’s best to have the professional take a look and provide you with an honest assessment. 

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