Easy Tasks You Shouldn’t Forget in Preparing for the Fall Season

Easy Tasks You Shouldn’t Forget in Preparing for the Fall Season

Fall is almost here! Is your home ready to face the next challenge? It will surely take some time to prepare everything for the changing of seasons. And today’s the best time to start everything. Let us help you organize things before the temperature drops with these helpful expert tips and guidelines:

  • Dosing your lawn with fertilizers is a good start!

Winter is another rough season, especially for your lawn. But by dosing them with fertilizer before fall even starts, you will surely protect them from the negative temperature ahead. It will also help the grass to grow healthy and thick and to green up faster.

  • Clean your gutters

Gutters can get clogged over time by dirt and other debris. Be sure to check and clean this part before the cold season starts, or else you will suffer from expensive repairs for your home. We have a lot of cases where homeowners neglect this task and what they got is a clogged gutter with water flowing down the side of their home and eventually damaged the foundation. If you are not in for the job, you can always hire a professional gutter cleaner to do it.

  • Inspect and clean your chimney

Your chimney’s going to be one of the busiest parts of your home when the winter season comes. Be sure to schedule an inspection and cleaning service to make sure that your chimney is ready to serve you in the cold days. You do not want bird’s nest to block the flue or smoke to enter your home due to cracked chimney pipes, right?

  • Improve your home’s Insulation

Is your home filled with air leaks and cracks? If it is, now’s the time to seal the leaks and improve your insulation if necessary. Almost 10% of your home’s energy usage is accounted for poor insulation and air leakages. And you do not want to experience it come the fall and winter days. You can make use of weather-stripping and suitable caulk to seal the gaps and fix drafts in your home.

  • Schedule your HVAC maintenance service

An HVAC maintenance tune-up and inspection should not be removed from your fall checklist, or else the cold season won’t give you peace of mind. Fall is not as cold as winter, making it the most suitable time to have your heating units checked. With this, you can identify if problems exist and provide solutions ahead of time.

Preparing your home for the next season can be daunting sometimes especially when you do not have enough knowledge and skills to do the stuff yourself. So, if you need professional help to prepare your home for the fall, feel free to call our experts at Riddle Heating and Air Conditioning. We will be happy to assist you.

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