Why Won’t My Furnace Stay On

Why Won't My Furnace Stay On

Is your furnace not working properly? If your furnace’s burners won’t stay lit, then it can cause your system to fire up shortly, heat for a few minutes, and turn back off before the target temperature is reached.

Read the possibilities below to know why your furnace won’t stay on and what to do about it.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Is your furnace well-calibrated? If it’s not, then your furnace will think that it has reached the desired temperature after running for only a few minutes. To find out, replace the thermostat with a low-priced model. If the problem stops, you have identified the issue. If not, return the thermostat in its place and continue troubleshooting.

You can also contact your local HVAC technician to assist you with this problem. A professional will know what to do because they have the knowledge and tools. Don’t hesitate to ask for their help if you need them.

Bad Thermocouple

The heat sensor, located next to your pilot light, closes the gas valve if the pilot light goes out so that the gas doesn’t fill your home. However, a malfunctioning thermocouple may lose the ability to sense heat from the pilot light, causing it to randomly close the gas valve. Call a professional to inspect it and replace the malfunctioning part.

Full Condensate Pan

New models of condensing furnaces generate condensate, dripping into a pan and drains away. When the drain line clogs, the pan begins to fill up. Once the liquid hits the sensor, the furnace will automatically turn off to prevent the condensate from spilling over the edge. You can check the condensate pan for this problem. If the drain is clogged, use a straightened wire hanger to clear it out. You can also send a bleah mixture or algaecide treatment down the drain to prevent future clogs from happening.

Blower Motor Not Running

When your furnace runs, place your hand over the supply register. If it feels hot as the air exits the vent, it means that the motor is running normally. If it’s not, the motor lost its power for some reason, and the furnace is turning off to prevent the heat exchanger from overheating. The fan relay might also be malfunctioning, or the blower motor belt might be worn out. Contact your nearest HVAC technician to fix these problems.

If you’re unsure of what to do in your situation, talk to our experts at Riddle Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. We’re always ready to provide our heating services to our customers in need.

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