Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Condensation is a natural process that occurs within a condensing furnace. It produces not only heat but also water as a by-product of its function. However, if you notice your furnace is leaking water, you may need to seek help from an HVAC expert.

Read this blog to know what causes your furnace to leak water.

Condensate Drain Problems

Condensation is part of the process of a furnace’s function. That’s why there are specific parts that eliminate excess condensation. The furnace’s condensate drain gathers the condensation and removes it through the drain line, emptying it outside.

Once the drain gets clogged, the condensation will gather in the condensate pan and overflow. It is the reason why your furnace leaks water.

Clogged Air Filter or Evaporator Coils

A split HVAC system, which includes an A/C and furnace acting as an air handler, can cause problems. The air filters in your furnace pull the debris out of the air then it passes it over to the evaporator coils to be heated. If these air filters get too dirty or clogged, they can’t filter the air efficiently.

The condensation that passes over the coils to the condensate gets stuck in the process. Then it accumulates, causing furnace leaking. It’s also the same with the air filters. If both components are left dirty, it could sometimes cause something worse, like permanent damage.

A Faulty Secondary Heat Exchanger

A furnace works by passing heat from burned fuel into your home. The heating system gives the air to the heated energy, making for heat exchange and warms your home. Some common issues with the heat exchanger are:

  • Cracked heat exchanger
  • Pitted, rotted, or rusted heat exchanger
  • Heat exchanger with holes
  • Sooted heat exchanger

If you notice any of these issues are causing furnace leaking or other problems, you may need a complete replacement. Contact an HVAC expert to handle the job.

A Leaking Furnace Humidifier

You can easily catch this issue if you continue routine maintenance for your furnace. If this is left unchecked, it can cause internal damage. The humidifier ensures that the air circulates through your home is not too dry by adding moisture to the atmosphere. It involves a mechanism that delivers water to the component outside your furnace. If your humidifier gets clogged, the water may start leaking into your furnace.

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