What You Need to Know: Choosing Between an Electric & Gas Furnace

What You Need to Know: Choosing Between an Electric and Gas Furnace

Gas and electric furnaces serve the same job: to heat your home. Nonetheless, there’s where their similarities end. Both systems offer money-saving benefits and different features in how they will keep your family and home warm in the cold months. So, which one suits your home?

Depending on your home’s needs and long-term goals, one will always be the better fit in your indoor space. Read this blog to know how you can determine which one to install in your home.

Which Is More Eco-Friendly?

Many property owners focus on their furnace’s efficiency. They don’t pay much attention to how the system will impact the ecosystem.

Even though electric furnaces have no risk of emissions that gas furnaces create, the electrical type has effects on the environment. That’s why it will be best for you to choose a system that doesn’t only save energy but also help save the Earth.

Which Will Fit Your Budget?

Both electric and gas furnaces are relatively close in terms of their costs. Gas furnaces are a little more expensive because they require more materials during the installation. Installation fees usually range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the system’s model and your home’s needs. If you’re switching from electric to gas or vice versa, you should expect installation costs to increase because you’ll need to run new electric or gas lines and proper venting.

Which Has Long-Term Cost?

Between the two, a gas furnace is more likely to be expensive to install. However, it will save you more in the long run. An electric furnace is more costly to run in colder areas. But, it can be more effective, especially in rural areas where gas lines are not available.

Which Will Last Longer?

Modern gas and electric furnaces have a long lifespan and can operate efficiently within that period. Out of the two, electric furnaces can last longer if it’s properly maintained and is a high-quality system. However, its efficiency tends to decrease over time, which is why we recommend replacing your system based on the manufactures recommendations.

Which One Suits Your Location?

Gas furnaces do better in colder weather than the electric systems because they have more heating power. If you reside in the deep south of the U.S., you may not need the gas intensity. However, there’s a good chance that you’ll pay for higher bills if you get the same system in a chilly winter

Are you still unsure about which one fits your home in New Albany, MS? Don’t worry. Contact us today at Riddle Heating & Air so that our top-notch professionals can help you with your furnace installation needs.

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