What Are The Common Causes of Air Conditioner Failures?

What Are The Common Causes of Air Conditioner Failures?

You heavily rely on your air conditioner, particularly during the summer months. So when it breaks down, it can be a major inconvenience. While regular maintenance can help prevent some failures, there are a number of common causes that can lead to your air conditioner breaking down and eventually needing AC repair Blue Mountain, MS.

Is your unit prone to these failures? Get to know some of these main culprits so you can be prepared for the future!

Lack of Maintenance

One of the most common causes of air conditioner failures is a lack of maintenance. Just like any other machine, your air conditioning unit needs to be properly maintained in order to function at its best. Over time, parts will start to wear out and break down, and if they’re not properly repaired or replaced, it can lead to a total unit failure.

Some common maintenance tasks that need to be performed on your air-cooling system include:

  • Cleaning or replacing the air filter
  • Tightening electrical connections and bolts
  • Inspecting the evaporator and condenser coils
  • Checking and adjusting the refrigerant level
  • Lubricating moving parts

Compressor Issues

Compressors are one of the most important parts of an AC unit, and their failure can be costly and dangerous. Some of the dangers associated with compressor issues include:

  • Loss of cooling capacity, which can cause increased temperatures inside the home. It can be a particular danger for young children or elderly relatives who are more vulnerable to heatstroke.
  • Complete loss of refrigerant. This can spell disaster for your AC unit and potentially lead to expensive repairs. Worst case scenario, it could even require the replacement of the entire unit.
  • Release of poisonous gas. If your AC unit is not properly maintained, it can release carbon monoxide gas, which can be dangerous or even deadly.

If you think you may have a compressor issue, it’s important to call for AC repair Blue Mountain, MS, as soon as possible.

Refrigerant Leaks

There are three biggest dangers of a leaky air conditioner:

  • Interruptions in Service: Your air conditioner continually re-circulates and filters the air on your property. When there’s a refrigerant leak, this process is interrupted, which can cause bacteria and other contaminants to proliferate. Additionally, leaks can cause your system to work less efficiently, resulting in longer cooling cycles and higher energy bills. 
  • Environmental Impact – Most refrigerants are HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons), potent greenhouse gases that have been linked to climate change. Leaks add these chemicals directly into the atmosphere, exacerbating their damaging effects. In addition, many HFCs are also ozone-depleting substances (ODS), which means they contribute to the depletion of the Earth’s protective ozone layer.
  • System Failure – When there’s not enough refrigerant in your AC unit, it can’t properly absorb heat, which can cause the evaporator coils to freeze. This puts stress on your system and eventually leads to a complete breakdown.

Electrical Problems

One of the dangers of electrical issues in air conditioning units is the potential for fire. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, air conditioners are responsible for an estimated $1 billion in property damage each year, with about 3,330 reported fires and related deaths annually.

Additionally, if an AC unit is not properly maintained, it can lead to the release of carbon monoxide gas, which can be dangerous or even deadly. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of any potential signs of electrical issues such as frayed wires or abnormal smells coming from the unit. Do not skip getting the necessary AC repair Blue Mountain, MS, and maintenance performed by a qualified technician.

Drainage Problems

There are a few dangers associated with drainage problems in AC units. First, if the unit is not draining properly, it could lead to water damage in the home. It could be anything from water leaks to signs of water damage on walls.

What’s more, you may start to notice mold and mildew growing in standing water. It can cause health problems for people who are allergic or have respiratory issues. Standing water is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. Finally, an AC unit that is not draining sufficiently could overheat and lead to a fire.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

A thermostat that is not working properly can cause all sorts of problems for your air conditioner. For example, if the thermostat is not reading the temperature correctly, the unit will either run too much or not enough. It can lead to a host of problems such as:

  • Comfort Issues – If the AC is not cooling the home properly, you and your family will be uncomfortable. In some cases, it could even lead to health problems for those susceptible to heat-related illnesses.
  • Shortened Lifespan – Constantly turning on and off will shorten the unit’s lifespan. It might even void the warranty.
  • System Breakdowns – All of this turning on and off can put a lot of strain on the system, leading to more breakdowns and repairs.

A professional can help you troubleshoot AC repair Blue Mountain, MS, and determine if it is with the thermostat or something else. They can also help you choose a new thermostat that will be more accurate and easier to use.

Improper Installation

How your unit is installed will have a big impact on its performance and safety as well. If it is not installed properly, expect to be bombarded with a variety of problems such as:

  • Inefficiency – An improperly installed unit will not work as efficiently as one that has been installed correctly. This means higher energy bills and more wear and tear on the unit.
  • Safety Hazards – An improperly installed AC might also present a safety hazard to you and your family. For example, if it is not properly grounded, it could pose an electrocution risk. In some cases, it promotes gas leaks or other hazards.
  • Poor Performance – This means your home will not be as cool and comfortable as it could be. The air conditioner is more likely to break down and not have a long lifespan.

That’s why experts always recommend leaving the installation to the professionals. Do not try to install it yourself unless you are confident you can do so safely and correctly.

Unit Size Issues

Air conditioners are no cheap investment. So, you want to be sure to get it right the first time around by having a professional help you choose the perfect unit for your home.

If the unit is too small, it will have to work overtime to cool your home, which will lead to higher energy bills and more wear and tear. If it is too big, your home will be cooled quickly, leading to temperature swings and humidity problems.

Not only that, but an inaccurately sized AC unit will not remove the contaminants from the air properly. It can present a health hazard for your family, particularly if anyone suffers from respiratory issues.

Therefore, it’s important to have a professional help you choose the right unit for your home. They will take into account the square footage, insulation, windows, and other factors to determine the best product for your needs.

How to Find the Right AC Repair Service 

When your air conditioner breaks down, it is important to find the right repair service to fix the problem. You want to be sure they are qualified and have experience working on your unit type.

  • Get Recommendations – Talk to friends, family, and neighbors to see who they recommend for AC repair Blue Mountain, MS. They might have had a great experience with a particular company and can share that information with you.
  • Check Online – You can also find a lot of good information online. Read reviews from other customers to see what their experiences were like. This can help you narrow down the good apples from the bad ones.
  • Ask Questions – Once you have a few companies in mind, give them a call and ask some questions. You want to find out how long they have been in business, what their qualifications are, how much they charge, what type of equipment they use, and how long they think the repair will take. It will help you make the best decision for your needs. 
  • Schedule an Appointment – Now that you have found the right company, schedule an appointment for them to come out and take a look at your unit. They will be able to diagnose the problem and give you an estimate for the repairs, so you will be protected from unexpected costs down the road. 

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