Ice Machine Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Ice Machine Preventive Maintenance Checklist

If you want to keep the efficiency of your ice machine and help it last longer, a preventive maintenance check should be on top of your to-do list. To give you a brief rundown of how to keep your unit in tip-top shape, we have listed some important maintenance tasks below:

  • Clean

When the ice forms in the machine, the minerals are separated from the water and eventually form scales. The color of the scales varies depending on the kind of mineral present in the water. The scale should be removed because it impedes the heat transfer. This is most of the time the reason why ice machines freeze-up and lower their production.

Scale build-up can be removed by circulating a mild phosphoric acid solution in the system. However, to ensure the safety of your device, it is important that you follow the manufacturer’s note shipped along with the unit.

  • Sanitize

The wet areas in your ice machine can be a breeding ground for algae, slime, and other water-borne bacteria. Sanitization is important after the unit is completely cleaned. You can use a commercial ice machine sanitizer or 5% sodium hypochlorite solution to eliminate unwanted organisms and retard further growth. Try not to exceed from the recommended mixing solution and rinse the device thoroughly after the sanitation process.

  • Inspect

You can start examining the other parts of your unit while you are letting the cleaning solutions do their job. Inspect the electrical components of the ice machine for loose or burnt wires. Check for signs of oil spots and leaks. These minor issues can create great damages in the system if not given immediate attention.

If you have a flake and nugget ice machines, you have to pay extra care and attention to your device. They hold more mineral deposits as compared to other types. When working on it, it is important that you check the auger and evaporator surface, inspect the bearing tolerances, and secure the operation of the drive motor amperage after the cleaning process.

  • Production Check

After cleaning, be sure to run a production check to see if the unit is working properly. This will help secure your business by ensuring your customers of clean and uncontaminated ice productions.

For better services, we recommend you leave the maintenance duty to the professionals. If you are in the New Albany area or nearby towns and need a service for your ice machines, don’t hesitate to call our experts at Riddle Heating and Air. Schedule an appointment today!

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