Tell-Tale Signs Your A/C Has a Refrigerant Leak

Tell-Tale Signs Your A/C Has a Refrigerant Leak

You probably didn’t give much thought about your air conditioning unit, not until it blows hot air. If your home becomes uncomfortable or it’s not getting cold at all, you might be low on refrigerant level. 

The question is… how can you tell when your A/C has a refrigerant leak?

Watch out for these red flags!

Hot Air is Coming Out from Your Vents

Your air conditioning system is designed to bring you comfort. It uses refrigerant to absorb the heat from the air in your home and carry it outside. When your unit is low on refrigerant, your A/C and vents will start blowing warm air.

Your Energy Bill is Higher Than Usual

Since your A/C struggles to keep your space cool, it’s just normal to run your system for longer or crank up the thermostat. However, both of these solutions would only result in higher cooling costs. So, if your energy bill has increased dramatically compared to the previous month, then you have refrigerant leaks.

The Coils are Frozen

It’s a hot summer day, and your air conditioner is starting to freeze up. How is that possible? Insufficient refrigerant causes the coils to absorb less heat which results in condensation. You may think this isn’t alarming, but ignoring this problem can lead to even bigger repair issues. In this case, turn off your A/C and call a certified technician.

Your A/C is Making a Hissing or Bubbling Noise

Weird noises coming from your cooling system could indicate a minor or serious problem. Refrigerant leaks are caused by holes or cracks in the coils. As a result, you will hear it leaking out the refrigerant lines. A hissing sound if it is gas, and a gurgling sound if it’s liquid refrigerant. As soon as you notice these strange, loud noises, contact your trusted local contractor right away.

Your Home Takes Too Long to Cool

The refrigerant is responsible for removing the hot air from inside and delivering cool air in your space. When your air conditioner is running low of refrigerant charge, it can lead to less efficient cooling. Thus, it will take longer for your unit to cool your home. Schedule an expert A/C service for a complete system diagnosis.

There’s nothing more dangerous than an A/C refrigerant leak. Ignoring these signs or putting off refrigerant leak repair can put your comfort, health, and safety on the line. So, don’t delay! Contact Riddle Heating and Air Conditioning today!

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