Has Your Heating System Reached Retirement Age?

Has Your Heating System Reached Retirement Age?

The sad truth about heating systems is that they do not get better with time. That is why it is highly recommended by experts to replace any heating and cooling system once it reached its retirement age.

Buying High-Efficiency Heating System

When planning to purchase a new heating system, think about energy efficiency first. High-efficiency systems can help save about 50% or more of your monthly utility costs. You can opt for hybrid systems for maximum efficiency. They operate similarly to a hybrid car which can switch between electric and gas power.

Other options include solar integrated systems where you can easily tap the sun’s renewable energy to lessen your electric bills.

Multiple Benefits of a Newly Installed Heating System

  • Comfort

Newer heating systems can operate in moderate temperature while supplying even comfort all over the house. Some modern features of heating systems include energy efficiency, variable speed blower, and multi-stage operation which are great features for higher savings.

  • Better Looks, Less Noise

As your heating system ages, it will show signs of wear and tear like unusual noises. But with a new system, you will enjoy comfort in silence. Additionally, modern HVAC systems are designed to utilize lesser space but with improved and uncompromised efficiency.

  • R-22 Replacement

When you buy a new heating system, it means you are also getting a new refrigerant. R-22 refrigerant has been phased out due to its harmful environmental effects. It has been the most common refrigerant for several decades. Currently, newer systems are engineered with R-410A refrigerant which is a much better alternative.

  • High Tech Features

The best things about modern heating systems are its high tech features. Most modern furnaces and other heating equipment are equipped with WIFI connectivity. Thus, you can easily navigate and operate the system by simply connecting it to your computer, smartphone or tablet. When using the system, always refer to your user’s manual for the instructions.

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Replacing your old heating equipment is a must if you are after convenience and comfort. If you are in the market for high-efficiency and state-of-the-art heating, cooling and IAQ systems, Riddle Heating and Air, Inc., is your primary source of quality HVAC products. Contact us today!

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