5 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Home For Spring Season

5 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Home For Spring Season

As the sun starts to warm up your place this spring, you should get your home ready for the season. If you’re excited about the warm weather, then start doing these spring home cleaning and maintenance jobs.

Start Fixing Your Exterior

After the harsh winter, it’s the exterior of your home that received more damaged than the interior. Walk around the house and check the caulking around the doors and windows. Also, examine the weather stripping and replace them if necessary.

Don’t forget to inspect the outdoor plumbing system for broken pipes and leakage. Get rid of any leftover gunk in your garden hose. Turn on the water to see if it’s working well.

Check Gutters and Roof Shingles

Remove debris and all sorts of dirt in the gutter and roof. Check the roof for damage, cracks and loose shingles. You may need to set aside a budget for repair or replacement.

Declutter Your Home

Spring is the ideal time to get rid of stuff at home that you no longer need or use. Decluttering means fewer things to organize and clean, less stress, less dust and more time to do other chores at home. Removing old and unused items frees up space in the house, making spring cleaning a lot faster and easier. Keep your indoors tidy and find new ways of storing things without causing a huge mess.

Test Your Air Conditioner

You want to make sure your air conditioning unit is in good working condition these warm days? Turn on your cooling unit to know if it needs repair or a tune-up. Clean the filters, ducts, and coils to ensure that your system will work efficiently throughout the season. Don’t forget to schedule an inspection from the professionals.

Pay Attention to Your Indoor Air Quality

Your IAQ might be one of the things that you have not considered during your spring cleaning tasks. But here’s a thing: your indoor air quality is something you should pay attention to after the long winter months. Springtime is when mold spores and pollen are greatly released in the air, causing uncomfortable allergy-related symptoms for you and your family. Make your home sneeze-free by cleaning your indoor air with a high-performance air purifier.

The warm weather is on its way! Be sure your home is ready for the challenge. Talk to our experts at Riddle Air Conditioning & Heating Co., for more spring cleaning tips!

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