4 Air Conditioning DON’TS That Cost Money

4 Air Conditioning DON'TS That Cost Money

It’s normal for your cooling bills to rise during the warm months. But, didn’t you think it’s because you’re unknowingly causing it to happen?

Here are four A/C don’ts that you should know to reduce your energy bills.

#1: Closing Vents in Unused Rooms

Guess what! When you close the air vents in unused rooms, you’re unwisely increasing the percentage of cool air that is lost through the leaks. How is that possible? Doing this means your air conditioner has less area to blow out the air it produces, causing the cool air to accumulate in the system and exhale through the leaks in the ductwork.

Air leakage is a complete waste of money because the conditioned air you’re paying for goes to areas that don’t need it. Keep your vents open to avoid air leakage.

#2: Setting Your A/C Fan to ON

Do you leave your air conditioner fan set to ON? You’re doing it wrong! Why? Setting the fan to ON means it has to run 24/7, causing you to pay extra money on utility bills. While the fan continuously runs, it uses more energy thus, increasing your energy usage. Running the A/C fan all day also prevents the system from dehumidifying your home, which results in mold growth and other negative consequences.

It’s best to set your fan to AUTO. This way, you’ll save on energy costs every month.

#3:  Not Changing the Air Filters

You should know that dirty filters cause your system to work harder and longer; resulting in higher utility bills. If the filters are clogged, it will suffocate your A/C unit, making it harder to distribute cool air to your space.

Let your air conditioner breathe easier with clean filters. Change it regularly or as advised by your HVAC contractor.

#4: Missing A/C Check-ups

A yearly air conditioning check-up is strictly recommended by experts for your system to run more efficiently. Getting a regular A/C inspection saves you money in many ways you can’t imagine. With a service check-up, your system is professionally inspected and maintained to prevent possible breakdowns and other related issues.

Be aware of these A/C don’ts to increase your system’s efficiency and cut your energy costs. Contact us at Riddle Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., for more air conditioning tips for your residential or commercial space. We’ll be glad to serve you!

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