5 Air Conditioning Myths You Need to Stop Believing

5 Air Conditioning Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Considering that air conditioners have been around for decades now, many people still fall prey to some air conditioning myths. If you’re one of these people, this article is for you.

Let us take a look at the common A/C myths and the facts behind them.

  1. Bigger A/Cs are Better

The size does not always equate to performance and quality when talking about air conditioners. A too big A/C unit that is supposed to cool a small/medium-sized home forces the compressor to turn on and off in fast intervals. This shortens your system’s lifespan and causes your cooling bills to rise abruptly. To avoid sky-high bills and premature system failure, you should get the right unit size for your comfort needs.

  1. Turning the Thermostat Down Cools the Room Faster

The truth is – your thermostat won’t accelerate cooling regardless of its setting. Whether you set it at 20 degrees, 2 degrees or the lowest possible setting, it won’t cool the house any faster. Take note that cooling is always a matter of time. You just have to wait for the air to reach your home’s ideal temperature.

  1. Shutting Off the A/C When No One’s at Home Saves Energy

Unfortunately, doing this will not save any amount of energy. Turning off your air conditioning unit before leaving the house only makes it harder for your system to cool your home.

A better way to cut down your energy bills without compromising your comfort is to install a smart thermostat. It automatically raises or lowers the temperature thus, making you more comfortable with your energy-saving goals the moment you walked out the door.

  1. Where My Thermostat is Positioned Doesn’t Matter

Absolutely wrong! The location of the thermostat is essential to your system’s efficiency and performance. The thermostat reads your home’s temperature and activates the air conditioner to provide the temperature needed. Therefore, if it is placed near direct sunlight or any heat-generating appliances, it will give inaccurate temperature readings. Make sure to place it in a central location and away from any cooling or heating sources for accurate readings of your indoor temperature.

  1. Air Conditioners Don’t Need Regular Service

It is foolish to stay loyal to your A/C unit and wait until it dies before replacing it with a new one. This is a common mistake among many homeowners who think that their cooling systems do not need a regular service while it still works. If you want your air conditioner to last long, you have to consider a regular tune-up and maintenance service. It is the best thing that you could do for your system.

Do not be a victim of these A/C myths no matter how truthful they look. Always consult the experts to avoid confusion about your air conditioner. Call our professionals at Riddle Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., for clarifications and questions. We’re always available to serve your air conditioning needs in New Albany, MS.

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