Boost the Efficiency of Your A/C with Decorative Window Treatments

Boost the Efficiency of Your A/C with Decorative Window Treatments

Boosting the performance of your air conditioning system means taking some actions on your windows. Bring some style to your home while boosting your A/C’s efficiency with these decorative window treatments and professional air conditioning services in New Albany, MS from Riddle Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.


Whether it is summer or winter, in-home comfort needs to be your top priority. If you choose to stay at home during these seasons, it is important to pick the right fabric for drapes for maximum comfort. Choose light-colored materials with shiny white backings or designs to control the heat indoor during the hot season. Make sure to seal any cracks or space on the roof or ground where heat can enter or exit.

Shades and Blinds

If you opt for blinds on your windows, choose either a horizontal or vertical slat-type blind to block the summer heat. You can set or arrange the blinds where enough light can pass through. Similar to blinds, shades can also insulate your home. The only difference is that shades have no slats, restricting you to control lighting effectively. To know your options, contact a professional air conditioning service in New Albany, MS today.


Remember, your home’s exterior also matters for optimum energy savings. Awning installation can provide a casual look while giving an energy-efficient shade outside. Install them on windows facing the west or south direction to prevent the sun’s rays from heating your place. You may opt for removable or retractable awnings which allow for a little amount of heat to warm your indoor on winter days.


One important role of shutters is to lessen the amount of heat lost or gained on both the interior and exterior of the house. You can purchase louvered shutters to allow ventilation through open windows during summer. Meanwhile, solid shutters that are installed tightly against the window framework best during winter. They offer an air-sealed barrier that enhances your window’s insulating ability

You can achieve a chic look on your home while reducing energy cost through these window treatments. With a little splash of color and modern style to your New Albany, MS home, you can boost your energy savings in the household.

Do you want more simple and effective tips to make your home energy-efficient these warm months? Contact us at Riddle Heating and Air Conditioning today for advice from our experts. We can help you get the most of your HVAC system while spending less on your energy costs with our professional air conditioning services in New Albany, MS.

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