Basic Ice Machine Maintenance Tips

Basic Ice Machine Maintenance Tips

Whether you own a commercial or residential ice machine, routine maintenance is extremely important to keep the equipment working efficiently. Doing a few maintenance procedures lets you enjoy a longer lifespan and improved efficiency on your system.

Because ice machines are complex, our experts came up with this quick maintenance guide to help you on the process.

  • Keep the Air-Cooled Condenser Clean

A well-functioning ice machine is one with a clean air-cooled condenser. When it’s not properly cleaned, the freezing time increases, thus reducing the equipment’s overall productivity. The condenser works in removing the heat from the water in the system; thereby, you need to be sure that nothing is blocking the fan. Unobstructed airflow in your ice machine ensures proper cooling at all times.

  • Address Mildew and Mold Immediately

Once you see mold or mildew lingering in your ice machine, don’t delay removing them. Their presence in your equipment can raise a health concern as they get direct contact with the water. If left unnoticed, they will surely find their way into the ice and worse, into your glass. Give the bin a good clean using a nylon scrub brush and a solution to make sure that mold is removed completely.

  • Test the Water Quality

Most issues in ice machines in New Albany, MS are caused by dirty, unfiltered water. This is why you should test your water quality to know what you’re dealing with. You might need to invest in a water filter to strain all the impurities and other unwanted particles in the water.

  • Avoid Long-Term Storage Without Cleaning the Machine

Ice machines are generally designed to store ice for two weeks, but if you’re thinking of extended storage (2 weeks or more), you have to empty the unit and hand-clean all the compartments including the drain lines, dispenser, and bin. Sanitize and flush it completely to allow longer lifespan of all storage.

  • Beware of Your Cleaning Tools

Make sure that you’re using only mild abrasive cleaning tools like toothbrushes. Avoid using any rough tool that can scratch or mark the surfaces of the ice machine. Scratches are a potential breeding ground for mold and bacteria, so be sure to pick the safest and gently cleaning tool.

Your ice machine is a big investment that requires long-term maintenance care. If you need expert help in maintaining your ice machine and HVAC equipment in New Albany, MS, contact us at Riddle Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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