Should You Go Ductless This Summer?

Should You Go Ductless This Summer?

Are you planning of getting a new A/C system in New Albany, MS? Maybe, you are starting to wonder if a ductless unit is a smart choice this summer. Allow us to walk you through the idea of how this system can save your cooling efforts these warm, sizzling months.

Ductless A/C System: How They Work

Also called a mini-split system, ductless air conditioners are made up of only two components, namely an indoor handling unit and an outdoor compressor. The indoor and outdoor units are connected through a series of pipes and electrical wiring. As the name implies, no ductwork is required because each indoor unit can cool every room in the house. Ductless systems can operate with one indoor unit matched with a single outdoor unit or multiple indoor units with only one outdoor unit. Either way, the system works efficiently.

The Difference It Makes 

Ductless HVAC equipment is an energy-efficient and cost-effective system that helps cool down your home in a more efficient way. For new construction or renovation project, going ductless lets you enjoy gives you greater savings on energy, better efficiency, and more space in any residential or commercial space. Because it doesn’t require duct installation, you’ll never have to worry about reconstructing your walls, ceiling, or any part of your building.

Other Benefits of Ductless Systems 
Personalized Comfort

If anyone at home has special comfort needs, a ductless A/C unit is a good option. It comes with customized, built-in temperature controls that allow each homeowner to select their preferred temperature. With a ductless cooling system, setting or adjusting the A/C system to your comfort level is a lot easier because each unit is connected to a single, independent thermostat.

Lesser Energy Costs 

One of the best things about ductless systems is the fact that they don’t require a great amount of energy to operate. While improving your comfort, it also cut your energy costs in half or even more. If you’re having trouble managing your energy bills, this might be a suitable solution.

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

Because there are no ducts involved, a ductless system reduces the chances of dust and dirt build-up, thereby enhancing your indoor air quality. This makes ductless HVAC equipment ideal for people with respiratory issues like asthma.

If you are currently on the market for a new cooling system, we can help. Talk to our experts at Riddle Heating & Air Conditioning to discuss your needs. We offer quality options for central air conditioners and ductless HVAC systems. Call us for more details.


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