5 Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Not Working

5 Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Not Working

Nothing can be more frustrating than a malfunctioning furnace in the coldest days of the year. If only a warm blanket and a hot latte will suffice, you wouldn’t worry so much about your heating system. Sadly, that’s not that case.

Read our blog to find out the reasons why your furnace is not working.

Faulty Thermostat

The first thing you need to check is your thermostat. Did you know that even the slightest misreading of your home’s temperature can affect your furnace’s performance? It can be a result of broken or loose wires, incorrect settings, dead batteries, or dirt buildup.

To troubleshoot a faulty thermostat, try these tricks:

  • Set your thermostat to “heat.” Be sure the temperature setting is high enough for your furnace to activate.
  • Check the control screen to see a flashing “low battery” icon. If it shows, promptly replace it with new batteries.

Blown fuse/Tripped Circuit Breaker

Electric or gas, furnaces need electricity to operate. So, make sure that the power switch is on. Sometimes, homeowners accidentally turn off the switch. Check your main electrical panel for a burnt fuse or tripped circuit breaker. This can be caused by a power surge; and in this case, you need help from a licensed electrician to address the issue.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty and clogged air filter can cause your furnace to stop working. Dirt, dust, and other debris build up in your system over time, especially when it is not used or maintained regularly. Always replace your furnace filters every three months to prevent breakdowns and costly repairs.

Insufficient Fuel Supply

Another reason your furnace won’t start is insufficient propane or fuel supply. Before you check the storage tank, make sure that the gas valve is turned on. You can tell when it’s working properly when you open your stove or use other gas-burning appliances. If you smell a gas leak, leave the home immediately and CALL 911.

Clogged Condensate Pan

Your furnace has a condensate pan that can get clogged and overflow. Grime and mineral deposits can build up and block the drainage line. This can prevent your furnace from turning on. What you can do is to clear the condensate pipe and pump the water out.

If you’re still experiencing problems with your furnace after trying these troubleshooting tips, turn to the experts at Riddle Heating & Air. Our HVAC professionals are always ready and available to help you with your comfort needs. Call us today!

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