Red Flags that You Need a New Heating System

Red Flags that You Need a New Heating System

Before the cold weather hits hard, it’s important to ensure that your heating system in New Albany, MS, home is in tip-top shape. However, if it’s acting up and struggling to do its job, then maybe it’s time for your unit to retire. But how can you tell when you need a new furnace? Look for these red flags!

Weird Noises

If your furnace makes rattling or squeaking sounds, it could mean that your system is nearly its retirement age. This is especially true if the noises didn’t go away after repair. Other reasons could be loose belts, cracked heat exchanger, or worn out components that need replacement.

Constant Cycling

A heating system that turns on and off constantly is a sign of a damaged compressor or an oversized unit. As a result, your energy bills will climb up. Your indoor air quality can also be compromised, leading to potential health risks.

Frequent Repairs

Another red flag that your heating equipment needs replacement is when repairs have become part of your monthly budget. You may not notice it, but little by little, the money you’re spending to get your unit fixed adds up quickly. It will be worth to save your every hard-earned dollar for a new and highly efficient furnace.

Unpleasant Odors

Unpleasant smells such as musty or gassy odor that lingers in your home indicate a more serious problem. It could be a result of gas leaks, which can lead to an explosion or death from carbon monoxide poisoning. In this case, you need to call a service professional for immediate action.

Abnormal Energy Consumption

Paying attention to your energy consumption will help you identify if your furnace is working efficiently. However, if you noticed a drastic change in your heating bills, then it means that your system can no longer keep up with your comfort demands. Older units aren’t energy-efficient, either! They cost you more on repairs, unlike the new high-efficiency heating systems that are reliable and increase your savings.

Whether you need an upgrade, installation, or repair of your malfunctioning system, we can help. Riddle Heating & Air, Inc. is the one you can count on when it comes to your heating and cooling needs. Call us today for a free quote!

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