The Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Decorating

The Dos and Don'ts of Holiday Decorating

The holiday spirit is in the air, and we’re excited to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! Truly, it’s the happiest season of all, with the festivities and the sight of Christmas decorations. For this reason, most of us overdo decorating our house, not knowing that it can lead to high energy usage and potential safety risks.

But don’t worry! Riddle Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you keep your home safe from decorating issues that might come up. Let’s get started!

Don’t Decorate with Tiny & Shiny Objects

If you have pets or toddlers in your home, they probably love to play with tiny and shiny objects that can easily get inside their mouths. As much as possible, avoid using small decorations. Just do what works best and safe for your household.

Do Check Your Electrical System

Be extra careful when checking your electrical outlets and plugs. Their sockets shouldn’t heat up when you’re using them as well as with your holiday lights. If there’s sparking or you have loose wires, let a certified electrician inspect your electrical system and fix the issue quickly.

Don’t Use Staples, Glue, or Nails

When outlining your gutter and roofs with colorful Christmas lights, don’t use staples, glue, or nails to keep their attachment. Instead, use the all-in-one clip to place the lights wherever you want them. It’s easy to install and remove without ruining your home.

Do Mind Your Christmas Tree & Lights

Make sure your Christmas tree is not flammable. Often, it’s the most ignited item during holiday, causing fires. We suggest placing it in a safe area, away from heat sources, but close enough to a power outlet. Additionally, be sure that its bulbs are working properly and have been tested and verified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for safety. For any damaged lights, replace them immediately.

Don’t  Block Your Vents

Many homeowners tend to overdo decorating their homes by hanging big decorations that can block the vents and registers. They will restricts the proper airflow, forcing your system to work harder and your energy costs to snowball. Always keep your vents clean and clear from any objects.

Do Get Help from the Experts

Make this holiday season more enjoyable with your loved ones by letting the experts check your home comfort unit. They will inspect, clean, and test your system to make sure you won’t experience any issues but a dependable comfort. This way, you can spend quality time with your family and have peace of mind, not worrying about sudden breakdowns.

Keep these decoration dos and don’ts in mind to have a safe and comfortable Christmas holiday. Also, if you need heating services such as installation, repair, or upgrade, give us a call at Riddle Heating & Air Conditioning. Our highly skilled technicians will come to your doorstep in no time.

From our HVAC team, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

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