Fall Energy-Saving Tips

Fall Energy-Saving Tips

Heating your home doesn’t have to cause a spike in your electric bill. Luckily, Riddle Heating & Air have some tips to help you reduce your energy usage while staying comfortable this cold season. So, read more and get ready to save!

Say “Hello” to Your Thermostat

Has it been a while since you have checked your thermostat settings? Now is the time to think about your device. Make sure it is set to “heat”. We suggest keeping the temperature at 68°F in the daytime, and 61°F when you’re away for optimal savings and comfort.

Close that Flue!

Fall is a wonderful season to enjoy with all the warmth and cozy feeling it brings by the fireplace. However, an open chimney flue can draw the warm air out of your home. This can add strain to your system. So, be sure your flue is closed when not in use. This will help your unit operate efficiently, saving you more energy.

Invest in Insulation & Air Sealing

Fortify your home defense with insulation against the approaching bitter cold weather. This will help keep the heat in your home during the cooler months and out in the summer. It reduces a significant amount of workload from your heating system.

Air sealing, on the other hand, can prevent leaks coming from tiny gaps or cracks in your window trim, basement rim joist, electrical outlets, and doors. Insulation and air sealing both reduce drafts, improve comfort, and increase energy savings.

Don’t Block Your Vents

Make sure that furniture, drapes, and other objects aren’t blocking your vents. They can restrict the heated air, causing your unit to run longer, and (you guessed it!) giant energy costs. Also, keep your vents clean and free from dirt, dust, and other debris for better indoor air quality.

Run Your Fan the Right Way

Did you know that using ceiling fans can lower your heating bill up to 20%? The trick is running your fan in reverse (clockwise rotation). This way, it pushes the warm air down, for an extra layer of warmth.

Follow these helpful tips to start saving more and maximize your home’s comfort throughout the year. Also, if you need help with your heating system, turn to the experts at Riddle Heating & Air. You may reach us at 662-534-9611!


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